E-mail Marketing

E-mail Marketing Campaigns by Chandra Tallman

One of the services I have added to my list; is designing E-mail Marketing Campaigns on either Constant Contact or MailChimp. Two clients I help with this are Hat Stuff and Route 5 Boots & Shoes. 

Hat Stuff E-mail Campaigns

Hat Stuff sends out monthly campaigns on the Constant Contact platform to its e-mail list regarding new products, upcoming shows and info about their latest catalog. They already had been doing their campaign, but I helped redesign it to have a better look. I made adjustments to the images, created a new color palette for each campaign, and consistent typography throughout. 

Route 5 Boots & Shoes

Route 5 has a similar approach but we are also building awareness about the business and offering promotions in the e-mail campaigns. Their campaigns are created in MailChimp. 
We are compiling the list of subscribers from viewers of the website filling out the mailing list form. 

There so many benefits to e-mail marketing:

  • cost effective

  • increase brand awareness

  • sell products/services and increase sales

  • keep your customers updated on the latest news 

  • drive traffic to your website

Contact me today if you need a custom e-mail marketing campaign for your business!