Case Study: Real Estate Flyers / by Chandra Tallman

Client: Nina Sable, Century 21 Commonwealth in Natick MA  Sell With Sable!

Step 1: Meet with the Client. Nina and I discussed what she was looking for/flyer designs, who the end user was, where the flyers would be distributed. Nina is a SRES or Seniors Real Estate Specialist. She focuses on 50+ age group to make the shift from their current living situation to their next phase that includes tons of options. She helps them navigate thru the choices and transition each step of the way. Nina would like to have her end file template be a Word Document she can edit. 

My background is designing custom design work in Adobe Software programs, not Word. So I am also researching how I can design this quickly and easily in my comfort zone and then translate it for the client during this process.

Step 2: Nina sends me the Flyer Content she would like to use on different options, plus other assets/branding for Century 21. She gives me four typefaces they use, but in the end I use one for all the typography. I put together a round of a few ideas. During this process, I experiment in Microsoft Word. Nope. Can't do it. I am not designing this in Word. Adobe Indesign all the way... this is where I produce my ideas the best. I can save it as a PDF file then Export the PDF to a Microsoft Word Document. Bingo! We can make this work for the client!!

Step 3: Nina lets me know which direction she prefers and I keep rolling and produce 5 different Flyer options for her real estate clients. I play with the placement of the text and choose a modular design with color blocks of imagery and type. I give her options on the Arial typography: some headlines using all caps, some not. One template has the detailed paragraphs with and without a color background. I include a handful of stock art images for her to use that fits the 50+ clientele. 

Step 4: It's a Wrap! Final Delivery of Word Templates, PDF version just in case client would want to edit in Adobe Acrobat. I also include a Links file of Adobe Stock image that I chose for Nina to use in these Flyers. See Slideshow below of final Flyer Designs. All photos by Adobe Stock. If you know anyone who Nina could help find their next home, contact her today! 

Slideshow of Final Flyer Designs for Nina Sable