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Case Study: Cloixonne Compensation Plan/Infographics Up Close by Chandra Tallman

Case Study: CloiXonné™ Compensation Plan 

Page 2 of Compensation Plan Design

Page 2 of Compensation Plan Design

Client: CloiXonné™ is a Multi-level Marketing Brand that is launching - brand new -in April 2017. They sell health supplements for people and pets. I was hired to create their compensation plan, but use existing brand elements already established. The givens: CloiXonné™ logo, fonts, line imagery graphic element. I was handed a word document with text and charts as the map for its structure and contents. My role was to design a comp plan that fit their brand, choose imagery to accompany the sections, and design the infographics (charts).  

Step 1 The client provided numerous examples of what existing materials look as research in understanding the background and what they were looking for. I review all this information and compare. This is helpful because you learn likes and dislikes of the client. It is easier to visualize and discuss.


Step 2 I create the first design round for the client. This plan starts out as 10 pages, and during the process, other elements are added and deleted. I choose images that I feel evoke the feeling and style of the CloiXonné™ brand. Looking at existing colors and labeling of products, I create a plan that continues these elements. I use typographic cues, like color, size and weight change to change levels of importance and give the layout a structure. Infographics are always a favorite of mine to work on in the design process. I love taking a plain word document chart or table and putting some design magic on it. You can see a before and after here. You can see more examples of more infographics I have designed here.

Step 3 Any product of this size goes thru numerous rounds of edits, back and forth with the client, and showing to key stakeholders for changes and approval. I provide pdf files for review. New pages are added, so more documents are sent to me for these pages to be added. 

Final Product The final product is 12 pages long. This will live on their website and be available as a digital download for Ambassadors to print or save to read. I send over the final files to the client to add to their site. 

If you have any questions or would like to have a consultation regarding a report or infographics you would like custom designed for your company, please contact me. I have helped clients with small projects, for example, resaving a chart in different format, or redesigning to fit their presentation. I have experience in maps, complex statistics, and vision statements of figures. I can make your chart go from BLAH to AMAZING!  

A few of the infographics pages in the final compensation plan design

A few of the infographics pages in the final compensation plan design