Internet Site Designs vs. Chandra Tallman Design / by Chandra Tallman

Five Reasons I'm better than Fiverr or other sites like that.
Keeping this short and sweet

1. I create custom designs for you. I'm not cookie cutter. Check out the examples of my work here

2. I have two decades of experience in the branding, magazine/editorial world, and training in Graphic Design from Simmons College. I love pouring over Brand Style Guides and being the "Logo Police" on a brand. 

3. I'm passionate about what I do, and give 110% to do the best design job for you. I am a sucker for great typography, super neat details on styling, and I'm not a fan of colons. There are type styles to avoid colons. 

4. I'm a multi-tasker... a mom... I can juggle a lot and don't like to waste MY TIME or YOURS. 

5. Service with a Smile. I won't stop coming up with ideas, until you are satisfied! Read some of my testimonials. Life is too short to not smile, people!!  

Chandra Tallman Design Facebook Post 

Chandra Tallman Design Facebook Post