Sign Design

Tallman's Sign Design by Chandra Tallman


I grew up in retail, starting making bows and wrapping presents at Christmastime at Tallman’s Dept. Store. I learned from my dad, grandfather, mother, grandmother, aunt that worked at the store. I also learned from all the other employees, plus high school & college aged kids that passed thru over the years. Officially put on the payroll at age 15. My parents sell women’s, men’s, and big & tall clothing, accessories, and even send out UPS packages out back. They have a little of everything and at one time, my dad’s Petroliana collection was on display. He downsized that last summer and in another post, I’ll have to show the book I designed of the photoshoot I arranged to showcase that collection.

I’m proud to have created a new sign for the building of my parent’s business. It used to have a clothing hanger in a box, a symbol in a box. Mom said it was well overdue for a refresh. And, if you know my mom, you know that needs to get done.

So many months ago, we discussed what they were looking for, what they liked. I did my own research to see what we could do that would be a mesh of ideas and my own. I created several options for them to choose from to showcase the clothing and tuxedos. We wanted it to be classy, loved the look of black and white, have a touch of handwritten font, and be able to stand out on the light tan building.

And today the sign is on the building!! I will try to get some more photos next time I’m in town.